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Boredom with Jenn

Planter Bootie Frogs Succulent Planters/Dice Cups.

Planter Bootie Frogs Succulent Planters/Dice Cups.

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Add some hop to your home decor with these Planter Bootie Frogs! These adorable 3D printed frogs can be used as unique succulent planters or quirky dice cups. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these frogs are sure to bring a playful touch to any space.

Comes in 4,or 8 Inches wide and Keyrings.

❤️🌍Our Filaments are Earth friendly and Biodegradable🌍❤️

Because these are 3d printed they are not going to be cosmetically perfect. They are not mass produced, They are printed in house.

✨Please be aware✨
If ordering a color changing Filament, we cannot choose the color placement on the final product. Bigger prints will have more color changes and smaller ones will have less. We cannot control the outcome color of the print. Each one will be different.
✨Most of our prints are made from Pla Filament and it is heat sensitive. Please don’t leave your product in the heat or sun for prolonged periods of time, It can melt or deform.


Your package will be insured through the Usps. Unfortunately shipping USPS is a hot mess right now so once I mail your package, It’s completely out of my hands.
Please be mindful that Boredom With Jenn is in Rual Alaska and it takes 2 days to get your package to the nearest “Big city”.
Fast shipping is important to us.

😩Returns and Refunds😩

We will gladly accept any return within 14 days of delivery as long as the item is in it’s original condition.

✨You must return the product for a refund. 

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